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What are the benefits to buy Sansha instead of another brand?

Sansha is world-reknown as an innovating company. Frank Raoul-Duval launched Sansha 35 years ago by creating the first split sole ballet slipper. Since then, Sansha has stayed on the forefront of all innovations in dance.


Are all Sansha dance shoes hand-made?

All Sansha shoes are hand-made. Some styles use machine stitching in some parts.


Are Sansha sizes same as street sizes?

Sansha sizes usually follow women’s US sizes, but fitting is necessary for a perfect match.


Do Sansha dance shoes have widths and which one should I choose?

Most Sansha shoes have a variety of sizes and widths. Fitting is essential.


Are all shoes available in Men’s sizes?

All Sansha shoes are unisex.


How are quality control checks carried out?

Quality control is permanent from the reception of materials till the end-customers. Sansha always pays a lot of attention to quality. As a result, less than 0.5% of the products have problems. When it happens, Sansha teams are always happy to replace the item.



 What should I wear in my ballet classes? Which colors are recommended?

It really depends on the teacher. Some schools impose colors and materials, some open classes are more free. To feel comfortable  and allow the teachers to see the lines and correct you, is essential.


What ISTD and RAD mean?

They are 2 schools with specific vocabulary and uniforms. ISTD is Imperial Society Teachers and Dancing. They are renowned schools in ballet.

You can have a look on our RAD and ISTD line.


Are ballet slippers unisex?

Yes of course. They are available in all sizes and widths.


What is the vamp of the shoe? Does it have to do with the arch of the foot?

The vamp is the front part of the shoe, covering the toes up. Long toes will prefer high vamp. Shorter toes will use more medium vamp.


Can I buy my shoes directly on internet without in-store fitting?

It is possible but not recommended, unless you are familiar with your size and fit.


How long will my shoes last?

It depends how often you use them and on what surface. Sansha shoes are pretty long lasting.


How old should a student be before going ‘en pointe’?

Only a student with a proper training can go on pointe. It usually takes 2 or 3 years before starting Pointe work, and not before 11 years-old. Sansha has a dedicated pointe shoes line for Beginner: the Academia serie.


What is the best way to change the color of a pointe shoe?

The best way is to pancake it with make-up colors. Dying them might change the fit.


What is the fastest way to break in pointe shoes?

Just wear them and do some stretching exercices.


Is there a left and right foot?

Usually not, But some dancers like to assign right and left side. However, some recent models already have sewn elastics.


Are elastics and ribbons already sewn into the shoes?

No, because it really depends on individual fitting and taste.


What is the difference between full sole and split sole?

Full sole means the sole under the shoes is in one long piece connecting the toes and the heels.

Split sole means the sole is in 2 parts, enhancing the arch.


What is best for my first ballet slippers? Full or split sole? 

For children it is recommend by most teachers to wear full sole. We can recommended for you our Youth full sole ballet slipper in canvas TUTU 4C (also available in leather 14L).

For adults, split soles are nicer. Please check on our Ballet slippers line, for a full range.


How should Ballet Flats fit?

They should fit snug without crunching the toes.


Do canvas shoes last longer than leather shoes?

It is quite similar, but canvas is more hygienic as you can wash them. But it is also a matter of taste.




 What is modern dance?

Modern dance started in the US in the 20th century as a revolution against ballet. Since then it has created its own styles and choregraphers.


Why the sizing of modern shoes is different from other shoe styles?

They fit more snug, almost like socks, and need to be tighter.


What is the purpose of modern shoes?

The purpose of these shoes is to protect the foot while feeling the floor.


Is there an indication of a right or left foot?

There is no indication of a right or left foot. It depends on the design.


Should they be worn alone or inside a ballet flat?

It is recommended to be worn alone.


Can they be worn on all types of floors?

Yes, they can be worn on any dance floor.


  •  TAP

 What should I wear for my tap classes?

You can wear any confortable street wear, with fitting tap shoes.

Discover our street wear line, and our amazing tap shoes.


Are there different widths for adults and children?

Yes, it depends of the style. Please refer to each product and sizing chart.


Can tap plates be removed?

Yes, they can be removed, but it is not recommended as they could be hard to fit back.



  • JAZZ

 What should I wear for my jazz classes?

You can wear Jazz shoes, or boots and trendy outfits.


Can you use jazz shoes for other styles of dance?

Our Jazz shoes are so comfortable they can be used for any dance.


Is the sole slippery?

It will depend on the floor. You might use a shoe with Suede sole or Rubber sole.




 Why should I wear Sansha/Skazz instead of any street brand?

Our Sansha Garments and Skazz Garments are very comfortable and trendy. They are easy to wash. You can wear them in a dance class or in the street.


What styles of dance can Dance Sneakers be used?

Dance sneakers can be used for hip-hop, street dance or even for ballroom practice.


Are Dance Sneakers good for dance fitness like Zumba?

Of course! They are the best that you can find. Make your choice.


Can I wear my sneakers outside the studio?

Yes you can. They are very comfortable and they can be worn in the studio as .....the street.


What about the arch support?

Full articulated sole such as the H sole provide more support than real split-sole. However, it is a matter of taste. Sansha has many styles of soles to choose from.


Are the soles slippery?

Our rubber sole sneakers provide excellent support and grip.


Why do you offer different kinds of sole? What are they?

We provide a full range of choice for all our customers needs.

From split-sole to full-sole, high heels or flat, etc..



 What are your ballroom shoes sole made of?

Our Ballroom shoes soles are made of suede sole. This is the best shoe for Ballroom shoes.


What are your tango shoes sole made of?

Our tango shoe soles are made of leather. Best choice and very comfortable!


What are the differences between all the heels?

We have variety size of heels for all of our customers needs. See below each kind of heels we offer.


How to clean satin ballroom shoes?

You will find in our Ballroom cleaning box a lint brush, which will be perfect to clean the satin of your shoes.


How can I protect my heels?

You can buy our heel tips. Made in Silicone they extend the lifetime of heels of your ballroom shoes and prevent damage to the floor.



 Why wear teacher’s shoes instead of sneakers or jazz shoes?

It is matter of taste! They are softer, almost like a ballet shoe with a heel.

Here our range of teacher’s shoes.


 Are they available in full sole and split sole?

Yes, both are available in our teacher’s shoes line. All teachers can be satisfied.


What are the costumes available for my students’ recitals?

Sansha supplies a lot of tutus and costumes for Children with an extended price range.


Can I order custom made products for my students?

 Yes, Sansha is always happy to customize for schools and companies. Please contact us for more information.

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